I don’t believe in God; I know God.
The God I know is Ehyeh, the I’ing of all reality.
The God I know is YHVH, the Happening happening as all happening.
The God I know is Elohim, the myriad happenings of YHVH as nature.
The God I know is HaMakom, the universe where YHVH/Elohim happens.
The God I can’t know is Ein Sof, the formless No-thing informing all things.

I don’t praise God, placate God, pray to God, or play God. I am God. And so are you.

  • Elliot Pachter, president of the Michigan Board of Rabbis

    “Rami Shapiro ignited our colleagues from across the movements to engage in frank discussion about the meaning and message of their rabbinate.”

  • Dr. Gordon Peerman

    Rabbi Rami is Jon Stewart’s spiritual double: hilarious and insightful, who wickedly exposes the religious insanities of our time while movingly offering an authentic interspirituality that is timeless.