Holy Shit

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What to do when your religion shits all over others? If your Amish, apparently, nothing.

In 2014 the city of Auburn, KY passed an ordinance expanding a law requiring the removal of dog waste in public places to include horse manure as well. Turns out forcing their horses to wear diapers violates the Amish religion, and prohibits the Amish from freely exercising their religion which, or so it seems, mandates that horses shit where they want regardless of the health and safety of humans. The Amish are suing the city.

The obvious solution is to amend the ordinance to require people to pick up after all their animals when said animals shit in public. The Amish do use shovels or, if they don’t, they could use their hands. Either way, the problem with diapers would be rendered moot.

The question as to why people would adhere to a religion that is diaper-phobic, however, remains.

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