Biblical Wisdom for post-biblical times

Black Fire/White Fire focuses on the Wisdom Literature of the Jewish Bible, both Hebrew and Greek: the books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, and others to reclaim a dimension of biblical insight often ignored in standard Bible Study. Black Fire/White Fire speaks to Jews and Christians and is a excellent program for interfaith study groups. Contact Rabbi Rami

JudaismNEXT_220x132 Being a blessing to all the families of the earth

JudaismNext is a challenging and at times controversial postmodern and post ethnic exploration of Judaism’s vision, mission, and goals as articulated in TaNaKH (the Hebrew Bible). JudaismNext is ideal for Jewish adults and older teens, and interfaith couples seeking a universalist Judaism that speaks to everyone. Contact Rabbi Rami.

Roadside_220x161 Perennial wisdom for the spiritually independent

Adapting his Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveller column (Spirituality & Health magazine) for a live audience, Rami offers an evening of interfaith Q&A exploring the perennial wisdom of the world’s mystical traditions for the spiritually independent: people of any faith and none searching for wisdom, compassion, and meaning beyond the boundaries of any one religious tradition. Contact Rabbi Rami

SH'MA-LOGO_220x276 Sh’ma center for contemplative judaism

The Sh’ma Center offers on site training for people seeking to deepen the spiritual dimension of their community. We offer three trainings: Wisdom of Insecurity focusing on the High Holy Days and Sukkot; Escaping the Narrows dealing with the meaning and inner work of Pesach; and Mashgiach Ruchani a year–long training in Jewish spiritual direction. Contact Rabbi Rami.

GoMU_220x108 Beyond Theology and the God of My Understanding

While it is politically correct to say that all religions speak of and to the same God, the reality is otherwise. People create Gods in their own image, for their own benefit. Based on his book Rabbi Rami’s Guide to God, God of My Understanding explores how our ideas about God shape our behavior, and how stepping beyond theology through contemplative practice can lead to an encounter with the God beyond our understanding. Contact Rabbi Rami.