Onward Christian Police Officers

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Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL is hoping to create its own police force. The Alabama Senate approved a bill allowing Briarwood Presbyterian and only Briarwood Presbyterian to establish its own police force with all the powers of any Alabama police force including making arrests and using deadly force. Why only Briarwood Presbyterian? To make sure the Christian police need not compete with the Muslim police.

The bill is constitutional at all, it will only be constitutional if it is amended to include all religions. Alabamans should brace themselves for Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, and Scientology police forces.

Imagine Presbyterian cops hauling away a Methodist for attending Briarwood Presbyterian without official permission. Or imagine Christian cops serving a warrant at a mosque filled with Muslim cops. Or imagine a Muslim–Christian police shootout at the O.K. Choral with each side claiming self–defense because of the local Stand Your (Holy) Ground law.

If you needed one more reason to run like Hell from organized religion, this is it.

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